Judas Priest - British Steel mp3 album

Judas Priest - British Steel mp3 album
Album Rock,British Metal,Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,New Wave of British Heavy Metal
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    Judas Priest
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    British Steel
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    Album Rock,British Metal,Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,New Wave of British Heavy Metal
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Judas Priest - British Steel mp3 album

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Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Breaking the Law K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 2:35
2 Rapid Fire K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 4:08
3 Metal Gods K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 4:00
4 Grinder K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 3:58
5 United K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 3:35
6 Living After Midnight K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 3:31
7 Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 5:04
8 The Rage K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 4:44
9 Steeler K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 4:30


Tom (Colonel) Allom - Producer
Louie Austin - Engineer
K.K. Downing - Composer, Guitar
Rob Halford - Composer, Vocals
Ian Hill - Bass
Dave Holland - Drums
Judas Priest - Primary Artist
Glenn Tipton - Composer, Guitar

BRITISH STEEL is considered by many heavy metal aficionados as one of the greatest albums for that genre. It was certainly their most refined, well produced and commercially successful album to date, spearheading the fledgling “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” as a force to be reckoned with. It was the right kind of album at this point in time for Judas Priest and also paved their most successful era. But was it really Priest’s finest hour? KILLING MACHINE (aka HELL BENT FOR THE LEATHER in the U.S. market) could actually be viewed as the starting point for Priest’s transition towards a slicker, more commercial sound. This was the first record that Tom Allom produced and he was key to their sound during the 80s. Drummer Les Binks was replaced with former Trapeze skin beater Dave Holland, now finally establishing a stable lineup for Priest through 1988. The song arrangements here are pared down for a “lean and mean” approach, while still retaining plenty of seething aggression. With their newly found focus on shorter, tighter and catchier songs, Glenn & K. K.’s guitars solos are much shorter and often just brief melodic breaks that serve the song over the player. Rob Halford also does a bit less showboating with his range, but imbues his lyrics drip with venom and rage on many tracks. My personal favorites on this album would include “Rapid Fire”, “Metal Gods”, “Steeler” and the understated and lumbering “The Rage”, which contains the best Halford performance on this album. “Grinder” and “You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise” are decent middle-of-road album staples that were only occasionally performed live. The anthemic “United” strives a little too hard to be a crowd participation favorite and never really caught fire with the fans. Of course, the album is best known for “Breaking The Law” and “Living After Midnight”, which are effective as concise radio staples and now live anthems. Neither of these songs really contain proper guitar solos and are easy enough for any newbie guitar player to figure out. But it’s the fact that I’ve heard these songs a dozen times too many to care whether I hear them again. I wouldn’t begrudge BRITISH STEEL to be listed among the better Judas Priest albums in their career. This was unarguably a key album for them. Ultimately, Priest are striving a little too hard for commercial acceptance on this one. I also don't believe this is necessarily the best example of Judas Priest at their creative peak. It's well crafted for what it is, but also too restrained. I’ve always loved the album cover too, but artwork alone isn’t going to earn this album 5 stars from me. It is an excellent record and definitely recommended.
Heavy Classic. Must have! Razor sharp Priest.
Speak to most heavy metal fans and they're sure to offer up dozens of reasons why any one of many individual records by Judas Priest is the definitive release. Some will cite the importance of any one of their mid 70s rough edged hard rockers from "Sad Wings Of Destiny" to "Sin After Sin", to the more urgent "Stained Class" or even 1982s arena conquering "Screaming For Vengeance". In reality, 1980s "British Steel" remains the worldwide introduction to the band, and without it, few but the select hardcore would have recognized their contribution to heavy metal music. It's release coincided with a huge upturn in the genre, termed The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal which introduced a string of successful acts including Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Def Leppard. The most significant change in approach for this collection to previous releases is a stronger pop element, with more streamlined commercial arrangements and hooks, all produced under the watchful guard of former Black Sabbath engineer Tom Allom. In addition, the band's natural bombast was delivered with a degree of self effacing humour. Just watch the promo video to "Breakin' The Law" to realize that the band understood the stereotypical visual requirements for a sweaty HM group, and they applied every leather and denim clad, axe wielding as weaponry image with hilarious results. It remains the band's most recognizable song, with Glenn Tipton's memorable riff complementing singer Rob Halford's swaggering narrative to the disaffected legion.Judas Priest were by this stage in their career, an amalgam of all the well known acts, both past and present. There's a heavy Black Sabbath influence on the doom infused "Grinder" and "Metal Gods, the direct party atmosphere of Kiss is realized on "Living After Midnight". They mix in an odd, but bizarrely well suited reggae intro to "The Rage", and the opener "Rapid Fire" is a suitably adrenalized start to the proceedings. There are however, misguided jaunts into areas the band fail to convince the listener on. The attempted Queen knock off ("United"), sounds too flat and dreadfully contrived, and "You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise" panders too much to the safe FM world that was occupied by Foreigner (Halford's vocal could be mistaken for Lou Gramm's). The asset of two top class guitarists works wonders in filling the spaces for some powerful, punchy accompaniments that, even during extended solo's, never outstay their welcome."British Steel" is still a worthwhile slice of heavy metal, and a valid document of a band that have survived not necessarily on their originality, but on Rob Halford's passionate delivery and the band's skillful instrumental abilities. Whether it's their best is a source for conjecture, but one thing for sure, it brought them new listeners.
British Steel is highly praised as commercialy and musically best Priest album and a lot of ppl say it's their favorite. But i don't know why. It's predecesor Hell Bent For Leather is much better in any way. The only thing as equally as boring as United is take on the world, but beside that song, everything else on HBFL screams quality Priest. Songs are better written, better structured. They have balls and feel. Even point of entry and turbo are better than British Steel. And again, how can a masterpiece like screaming for vengeance have less stars than this? There's 5 songs i like from this album, which are: Breaking the LawRapid Fire, Steeler, Living after midnight and Metal gods. The others are boring and simply uninteresting. Although this list could easily be shortened to 4 since metal gods starts great and is great until the chorus ruins the song. It starts like classic powerfull Priest and then: meeetal goooods.
Judas Priest's greatest achievement. British Steel is not only one of the top 3 most influential rock/metal albums, but I think it's one of the best. Every song a 10/10 except for Metal Gods, which I'd give an 8.5 My top 5 for ''British Steel' is 1. Breaking the Law2. Rapid Fire3. Grinder4.You dont have to be old to be wise5. Living after MidnightBottom line- If you see British Steel, BUY IT! (on vinyl especially)
1980, and the Metal Gods were in a great position for a mainstream hit, and they did it with the one and only British Steel and Dave Holland as their new drummer. A very important album for the New Wave Of British Heavy MetalTrack by track:1. Breaking The Law: A huge classic that is still played to date: 10/102. Rapid Fire: A furious and fast track with an amazing trade of vocals and solos. An awesome track and my favorite from the album: 10/103. Metal Gods: A very nice track, but a bit simple, but still very memorable: 9/104. Grinder: A song that has simple lyrics, but it's nacked Up greatly with the music: 10/105. United: This is literally Take Over The World 2.0, as simple and uninteresting: 4/106. Living After Midnight: It's a catchy song, but it's way too simple and doesn't have that much replay value: 7/107. You Don't Have Yo Be Old To Be Wise: It's a nice track, but I've never been a fan of this song: 8/108. The Rage: An amazing song and some of the best vocals of Halford, simply amazing: 10/10 9. Steeler: It's a great song and an amazing way to close this great album: 10/10Final Rating: 8.6/10: Definitely a great album and a very important one, but I think it's very overrated compared their 70's material or some of their 80's material too, but it's still a classic worthy of every penny.Top 5 favorite tracks:1. Rapid Fire2. The Rage3. Grinder4. Steeler5. Breaking The Law
The sixth full-length studio release from Heavy Metal lords, Judas Priest, has now been reissued as an all-new limited deluxe 30th anniversary 2-Disc CD/DVD edition for the first time ever!Containing a bonus DVD with 16 previously unreleased live recordings from the live tour from August 2009 recorded live at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena in Hollywood, Florida.Titled British Steel, the album was originally released in 1980 and it received very favourable reviews and also reached peak # 34 in the US Billboard 200.Now with British Steel, it features moments of heaviness on songs like “Rapid Fire”, “Metal Gods”, “Grinder” and the classic “Living After Midnight” as well as brief moments of Hard Rock performances on tracks such as “Breaking the Law”, “The Rage”, and the hit “United”.Though this album may feature some very different performances, it is a "must-own" and this is just as good as Judas get!Top five best songs:1. Breaking the Law2. Rapid Fire3. Metal Gods4. Living After Midnight5. Steeler
This is a great fun and catchy Priest album!But it contains none of the magic Sin After Sin and Sad Wings had in spades.
The first 4 songs on side 1 that comprise this Heavy Metal Masterpiece are hard to beat from any other metal album in history. Rapid Fire, Metal Gods, Breaking The Law and Grinder hit hard, fast and with a furious purpose. Metal Gods indeed!
Virtuosity in metal doesn't mean it has to be up tempo. It can be very groovy like in Metal Gods. Halford is really a master in expressing words and sentences like "Ginder!". The whole album is very catchy with direct guitars, that give you immediate appreciation for what they are bringing. Everything in this record is very adjusted to one another. For me this might be the best heavy metal record ever.