Nada Surf - You Know Who You Are mp3 album

Nada Surf - You Know Who You Are mp3 album
Indie Rock,Indie Pop,Alternative/Indie Rock
  • Performer:
    Nada Surf
  • Title:
    You Know Who You Are
  • Genre:
  • Style:
    Indie Rock,Indie Pop,Alternative/Indie Rock
  • Duration:
  • Recording Location:
    Nuthouse Recording, Hoboken, NJ
Nada Surf - You Know Who You Are mp3 album

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Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Cold to See Clear Matthew Caws / Ira Elliot / Doug Gillard / Daniel Lorca Nada Surf 4:05
2 Believe You're Mine Matthew Caws / Ira Elliot / Doug Gillard / Daniel Lorca Nada Surf 4:35
3 Friend Hospital Matthew Caws / Ira Elliot / Doug Gillard / Daniel Lorca Nada Surf 4:57
4 New Bird Matthew Caws / Ira Elliot / Doug Gillard / Daniel Lorca Nada Surf 3:01
5 Out of the Dark Matthew Caws / Ira Elliot / Doug Gillard / Daniel Lorca Nada Surf 3:44
6 Rushing Matthew Caws / Dan Wilson Nada Surf 4:05
7 Animal Matthew Caws / Ira Elliot / Doug Gillard / Daniel Lorca Nada Surf 5:14
8 You Know Who You Are Matthew Caws / Ira Elliot / Doug Gillard / Daniel Lorca Nada Surf 2:22
9 Gold Sounds Matthew Caws / Ira Elliot / Doug Gillard / Daniel Lorca Nada Surf 4:56
10 Victory's Yours Matthew Caws / Dan Wilson Nada Surf 3:46


John Agnello - Mixing
Chantal Anderson - Photography
Chris Athens - Mastering
Tom Beaujour - Engineer, Producer
Gabriel Bento - Assistant
Matthew Caws - Composer, Group Member
Autumn de Wilde - Inspiration
Ira Elliot - Composer, Group Member
Doug Gillard - Composer, Group Member
John Goodmanson - Mixing
Sean Kelly - Assistant, Engineer
Daniel Lorca - Composer, Group Member
Joe McGinty - Keyboards
Nada Surf - Primary Artist, Producer
Chris Shaw - Mixing
Ken Stringfellow - Vocals (Background)
Derek Vandergriend - Design
Ben Weber - Management
Martin Wenk - Trumpet
Dan Wilson - Composer, Vocals (Background)

When listening to Nada Surf's "You Know Who You Are", it makes me wistful for the days of 90's power pop. Bands like Gin Blossoms, Soul Asylum, and artists like Matthew Sweet were at the forefront of that sound in that era. It seems to be now that bands opt to change their sound in order to stay relevant, but what is wrong with staying true to your roots and doing what brought you to the table to begin with? I get tired of terms like "evolving" and "progressive" when it comes to music. Nada Surf stays true to form on "You Know Who You Are" without sounding dated. They are definitely more mature than they were on "High/Low" and play to their strengths, which is melodic power pop. I want to applaud them for providing an album that you can listen to in this era of synths and loops and beats and also can be brought back to 1997 with you in your time machine and can still find an audience there as well.Stand out tracks: "Believe You're Mine", "Friend Hospital" and "Rushing".
Indie-rock/power-pop four-piece Nada Surf come back with their first new studio album since 2012, entitled "You Know Who You Are." Nada Surf on "You Know Who You Are" pull together some pleasant and at times uplifting sounding power-pop tracks that showcase the band's veteran status in the genre very well. "You Know Who You Are" also displays some strong song-writing chops that are seen on a good portion of the album's 10 songs. The opener "Cold to See Clear" and the fifth track "Out of the Dark" showoff these songwriting abilities the best, with the album's knack for catchy, melodically rich multi-tracked vocal harmonies and electric/acoustic indie-rock sounding guitars being at full display. The combination of the vocals and guitar do create quite an irresistible sound when the album is at its best. The album's short comings do come with its less enjoyable second half. The tracks "Animal" and the penultimate "Golden Sounds," though good in their own right, fail to hit home as some of the other tracks do, like the eponymous track that proceeds it. In fact, a good portion of this record just comes off as just good enough and does not grab much attention. With that said, the album does have a good flow to it that makes it a pleasant listening experience through and through. Thankfully, the album has no tracks that stick out as being absolutely unlistenable. Overall, "You Know Who You Are" is an enjoyable affair even if the second half is not as strong as its first half. "You Know Who You Are" gets an 7.8/10Favorite Tracks: Cold to See Clear, Out of the Dark, and You Know Who You AreLeast Favorite: Animal and Golden Sounds
Beginning with their third album in 2002, Nada Surf have made a habit of spoiling their few but fervent fans with nothing but very good power pop albums, some qualifying as downright masterpieces. That was the year they released "Let Go," the first of a trifecta of consecutive 4.5-5 star recordings which also includes "The Weight is a Gift" and "Lucky." While noble efforts both, studio albums # 6 and 7 ("If I had a Hi-Fi" and 2012's "The Stars...") didn't quite reach the creative heights of that perfect trifecta. Then four quiet years passed ...... until 2016 came along and brought us some of the best power pop comeback recordings from the likes of The Posies, Cheap Trick, Teenage Fanclub, and, of course, Nada Surf, who are now permanently a four-piece band with the addition of the second guitar attack of Doug Gillard, former Guided by Voices and Cobra Verde member. "You Know Who You Are" now stands proudly next to the band's best efforts, including "Let Go" and its two glorious follow-ups.This recharged sound is evident from the opening moments of "Cold to See Clear," which ranks among the band's best songs and should (but sadly never will) be a huge hit. Matthew Caws' longing and versatile voice effortlessly guides the track's multiple tempo shifts and is perfectly balanced by an ultra-tight rhythm section that builds to a joyous frenzy ... twice!Songs 3-5 ("Friend Hospital," "New Bird," and "Out of the Dark," three tunes that are very different from one another but somehow seamlessly flow together) confirm the fact that this is one band that knows how to take its time and craft one great track after another. I have read some criticism that suggests Nada Surf has become too concerned with melody vs. meat, but I couldn't disagree more: How can the infusion of memorable hooks into rock and roll be a bad thing?The slight sag of the next two tracks ("Rushing" and "Animal") is more than compensated for with two of the album's finest songs: The title track (#8) is a scorching rocker that, if anything, is a bit too short at under two-and-a-half minutes. Then again, you thirst for it so much that you'll just want to go back and replay the whole thing, perhaps exactly what these guys had in mind. Those who have criticized the penultimate song for being somewhat meandering have entirely missed the point of "Gold Sounds," a somewhat curious motoric kraut-rock number that possibly points to a refreshing new direction in this band's future sound and one of my personal favorites on this disc.Add to all this a newfound confidence and surge in their vocal harmonies and you get a 4.5-star record from a 5-star band.(Note: Nada Surf consistently put on tremendous live shows. Absolutely do not miss them if they come to your town.)
Its seems like not much has changed for Nada Surf since the 90's. Their sound remains breezy pop/rock with campus-level lyrics. Its all quite pleasant and never strains to be much more than an easy to listen to album. Its catchy enough, but not particularly memorable. They Know Who They Are and they're sticking to it, straight down the middle of the road...Top Tracks: Cold To See Clear, Out Of The Dark, Gold Sounds
Seriously? This band was too talented to release this as is. Disappointing.