Rush - Fly by Night mp3 album

Rush - Fly by Night mp3 album
Album Rock,Hard Rock,Prog-Rock,Arena Rock
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    Fly by Night
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    Album Rock,Hard Rock,Prog-Rock,Arena Rock
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    Toronto Sound Studios, Toronto, Canada
Rush - Fly by Night mp3 album

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Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Anthem Geddy Lee / Alex Lifeson / Neil Peart Rush 4:21
2 Best I Can Geddy Lee Rush 3:25
3 Beneath, Between & Behind Alex Lifeson / Neil Peart Rush 3:01
4 By-Tor and the Snow Dog Geddy Lee / Alex Lifeson / Neil Peart Rush 8:37
5 Fly by Night Geddy Lee / Neil Peart Rush 3:21
6 Making Memories Geddy Lee / Alex Lifeson / Neil Peart Rush 2:57
7 Rivendell Geddy Lee / Neil Peart Rush 4:57
8 In the End Geddy Lee / Alex Lifeson Rush 6:46


Terry Brown - Arranger, Engineer, Producer
Eraldo Carugati - Paintings
Richard Fegley - Photography
Jim Ladwig - Art Direction
Geddy Lee - Arranger, Bass, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Classical), Keyboards, Producer, Vocals
Alex Lifeson - Arranger, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Producer
Bob Ludwig - Mastering
Neil Peart - Arranger, Composer, Drums, Percussion, Producer
Rush - Primary Artist, Producer

In my opinion, this album is way underrated by everyone. I've listened to it many time and... oh my god ! It's a TRUE masterpiece. A real pleasure ! All parts of the music are beautiful, well found, very skilled, very diverse, playful and creative. Not common at all. I strongly think that every Rush album is worthy and really good. It's nothing less than a magic group, and I'll always support them.
This is the beginning of Rush as many know it. With the arrival of drummer Neal Peart, Rush had an essential component for the groundbreaking work they would later create. For Fly By Night, the arrangements lean toward a simpler, hard / roots-rock as compared to the more complex, keyboard-driven rock that came later in their career. Carefree rockers like "Beneath, Between and Behind," "Anthem," and, of course, the title track, abound here, and the ambitious "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" foreshadowed what was to come. For anyone a fan of Rush, it's hard to go wrong here. New listeners are recommended to start at 2112 or Moving Pictures, Rush's true masterpieces.
This is where the true Rush began. Great mixture of hard rock and prog.Anthem - 5/5Best I Can - 3/5Beneath, Between And Behind - 5/5By-Tor And The Snow Dog - 5/5Fly By Night - 5/5Making Memories - 4/5Rivendell - 2/5In The End - 4/5
I think I would have liked this album a lot more if the songs wer longer. Great album though I could listen to it for a weekstr8 and not get bored. Like I say if the songs wer longer it's probably a five. Also it may be subconsciously troublesome that the last two songs are so light. Still those last two songs are good.Caress of seal which is the follow up to fly by night is much much better
Mustard Forgotten
Behold! The Professor hath arrived! Put the needle down on this badboy & you're instantly assualted by a barrage of drums, bass & guitar badassery that was over the top for it's time.Neil Peart makes his prescence known immediately with his explosive drum fills & staggering beats not to mention the more thoughtful lyrical content he provides for such tunes as Anthem & Beneath, Between, Behind. The standout track on this though is easily the 9 minute By Tor & the Snow Dog. The first of many epics to come, By Tor has all the hallmarks of a classic RUSH song. Weird lyrics, time signature & killer dynamics. Busy bass & shreiking guitar & vocals & of course Neil. His drum fills over that crazy, sporadic, staccato riff before the quiet section are just pure insanity. Tight, heavy & just all around jaw dropping. Though I like side 2 of Fly by Night, I find it to be a little weak in spots. Especially after the sonic assualt that is side 1. Still, this is the 1st album of the lineup of what would become arguably the greatest power trio of all time & for lovers of old school, classic rock with an edge, it is essential listening. Plus, that cover is just frickin' gorgeous & highly representative of the band. An intense, focused predator of the great white north, swooping down to grab your ass & take you on a journey like you've never been on before. Their debut album is fun, but this is where RUSH really become RUSH & this is the real starting point to where the great adventure begins. It would just get better & better from here on out.
Rush may not be at full bloom here in terms of artistic intention but that doesn't stop this LP being an excellent listen. Opening with the thunderous "Anthem", evidencing their prowess as a power trio (emphasis on the power). The addition of Neil Peart as drummer and primary lyricist is really a benefit here with triplets firing up and down the tom drums, and songs such as "Beneath, Between & Behind" displaying a new literacy that was absent from the "yeah yeah" stylings of their debut. Highlights of this record would have to be "Anthem", "Fly By Night", and the first of many longer songs "By-tor and the Snow Dog". For an underrated cut I'd go for the blissful and folky "Making Memories" which critics tend to deride as one of the weaker points of the album.
1975 saw the release of the second studio album by Rush, entitled "Fly by Night." This album would see the departure of old drummer John Rutsey and see the edition of new drummer Neil Peart. This line-up change brought a big difference to the band's overall songwriting quality, with Neil serving as the band's main lyrical source. "Fly by Night" also see's Rush heading in more of the progressive sound that they would have with subsequent releases. The fourth track "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" is Rush's first full on progressive rock venture and their first song to have a lyrical narrative throughout. This of course was brought by Neil Peart's more ambitious and skillful lyrics, which really gave Rush that edge that a lot of other rock bands at the time just did not have. "Fly by Night" is still mainly a rock album, with many of these tracks sounding like they could have been on some of Led Zeppelin's earlier releases. That being said, tracks like the powerful opener "Anthem" "Beneath, Between, & Behind" and the most remembered song from this album, the title track "Fly by Night" are more uniquely Rush than the others. The Lord of the Rings inspired "Rivendell" is a acoustic song, which is very rare for Rush. The moments of uniqueness are the album's strongest traits and are what make "Fly by Night" a enjoyable and impressive album. The other tracks on the album are good, if not strong, but do not possess the same energy and genius that those track do possess. Songs like "Making Memories" and the closer "In the End" come off boring and are just not that memorable. Even with those less enjoyable tracks, "Fly by Night" easily beats the debut album and improves on a lot of that album's weaknesses. "Fly by Night" is also just a solid album that can be easily enjoyed by any rock fan. This album overall shows much progression and is also the precursor to the band's later sound. I give "Fly by Night" my rating of an 8.6/10.Favorite Tracks: Anthem, Beneath, Between, and Behind, By-Tor and the Snow Dog, and Fly by NightLeast Favorite: Making Memories and In the End