Xasthur - Nocturnal Poisoning mp3 album

Xasthur - Nocturnal Poisoning mp3 album
Heavy Metal,Symphonic Black Metal,Black Metal
Xasthur - Nocturnal Poisoning mp3 album

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Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 In the Hate of Battle Malefic Xasthur 9:04
2 Soul Abduction Ceremony Malefic Xasthur 7:44
3 A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors Malefic Xasthur 8:06
4 Black Imperial Blood (Mutiilation Cober) Malefic Xasthur 5:50
5 Legion of Sin and Necromancy Malefic Xasthur 11:39
6 A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness Malefic Xasthur 6:28
7 Nocturnal Poisoning Malefic Xasthur 15:24
8 Forgotten Depths of Nowhere Malefic Xasthur 4:50


Malefic - Composer, Instrumentation, Mixing, Vocals
Xasthur - Primary Artist

UNBELIVABLE. Simply unbelievable. It’s unbelievable that a single man like Scott Conner could had performed such a gem without losing his focus or his artistic value. Unbelievable that an album as long as this (69 minutes) could maintain such perfection for the whole time course. Unbelievable.All these considerations can only increase the already immense mystery surrounding Conner and his project Xasthur. Previously, he had been a musician for some very amateurish metal bands around his native California state. One of his obsession was, in particular, French Black Metal, especially of the Les Légions Noires variety (a movement born to echo the Norwegian Black Metal Inner Circle, which however didn’t even come close to replicate the other’s fame or deeds), other than Burzum and even Electronic Music pioneers Steve Roach and Tangerine Dream. The latter may be credited as an inspiration for the closer keyboard-piece “Forgotten Depths of Nowhere”, but the rest of the album is typical of the artist’s style.First of all, this album is undecipherable. The term that may come the closest to describe it may be “Symphonic Black Metal”, in the sense that all of the songs are based on a classically (or pseudo-classically) inspired melody filtered through an artificial overkill of reverb, distortion and fuzz designed to damage the whole portrait until it becomes unrecognizable. Speaking of the music, the album undoubtedly may seem unapproachable and hostile to everyone who’s not accustomed to the hazy Shoegaze wall of sound common of the genre. But pass beyond the initial impact, and this album will appear TERRIFIC. For the whole set, from the exuberantly dramatic opener “In the Hate of Battle” to the jaw-dropping “A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors”, from the insanely suspenseful “Legion of Sin and Necromancy” (which for two times evolves into a relentless march) and the tremendously melancholy title track, there isn’t a simple bad track or a moment that isn’t charming or fascinating. In other words, if there’s an album that may well get a perfect 10/10 rating, it’s this. Maybe it's because Scott Conner was 29 at the time, so this album displays a maturity uncommon in metal music, much less everywhere else. This album is beyond Oasis’ Definitely Maybe: it’s a beast of its own. Included is a feral instrumental cover of Mütiilation’s “Black Imperial Blood”. Terrific and terrifying at the same time, this album is on another different plane. Nothing will appear the same after its ending.Highlights: “In the Hate of Battle”, “Soul Abduction Ceremony”, “Legion of Sin and Necromancy”, “Nocturnal Poisoning”.